General Election 2017- vote for Living Seas!

The snap UK General Election on June 8th is happening at a crucial time for wildlife and gives us the opportunity to ensure that the natural environment, including our seas, are a priority for the next government.

Never before have the stakes for wildlife been so great. The majority of our environmental laws are currently wrapped up with our membership of the European Union; and so are some really key policies that affect wildlife, especially that living within our North Sea.

The North Sea is an incredibly beautiful and diverse seascape home to a range of fascinating habitats and species, and provides us with many resources. But our North Sea is still suffering from years of human induced damage and overexploitation.

In order for our seas to recover we need robust and appropriate legislation in place to protect the marine environment for the future.

In order for our seas to recover we need robust and appropriate legislation in place to protect the marine environment for the future.  This election is our opportunity to ensure our seas are able to recover from past declines and are safeguarded well in to the future. While some progress in protecting our marine environment has been made by designating a number of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), (a type of Marine Protected Area), we still need more of these zones to ensure our marine wildlife has a chance to thrive. We want to ensure the next government doesn't overlook this half fisnished, vital process.

The North Sea Wildlife Trusts would therefore like to see all parties commit to protection of our marine wildlife through a well enforced and complete network of Marine Protected Areas in UK seas and sustainable fisheries policies.




Take action!

You can help give marine wildlife a safer future. Prospective parlimentary candidates will be talking to you on your doorsteps and in your streets. Consider: 

  • Are you are registered to vote? If you're not you can still register before 22nd May

  • Letting candidates know how much marine wildlife matters to you, and ask them what they plan to do to help it thrive.

  • What questions you might ask of your candidates? Perhaps ask them what they think about the marine environment and if elected, what actions they will take to ensure a healthy future for UK seas?

  • Consider answers you're given by candidates and share them with family and friends, encouraging them to consider the marine environment when voting.

You can visit The Wildlife Trusts General Election 2017 page for more information on what we are asking our next Government to commit to in order to protect the wider UK natural environment.