Send the Prime Minister a message!

This spring we’re asking children to send a message to Theresa May about protecting our seas. The message will be a huge chain of friendship bracelets, download yours!

The sea is amazing, it holds 97% of the water on the planet and is home to the biggest animals that have ever lived! We ask a lot of the sea; it gives us fish to eat, and allows us to use boats for transport and wind turbines for energy. But all this activity can be bad news for the creatures that call the ocean home.

Just as green belts protect land around cities, we want to see a blue belt that protects parts of the sea. This blue belt will be made up of lots of areas called Marine Conservation Zones. These zones are parts of the seabed that are protected to help look after the wildlife that lives there, kind of like a nature reserve, but underwater!

The Government has already allowed 50 of these to be created around England, which is brilliant! But we need more. If we give our seas time and space to mend, wildlife will return.



Take the challenge!

There’s something you can do to make a real difference to our sea. Prime Minister Theresa May has already committed to creating more of these protected areas, but we want to make sure as many as possible are saved for wildlife.

Wildlife artist Hannah Foley has designed a pair of awesome paper wristbands for you to customise and wear with pride to show that you are a friend of the sea. As well as sporting one yourself we need you to make one for the Prime Minister, so she can become a friend of the sea too.

Click the picture below to download the FREE PDF, which contains your two friendship bracelet!

1. Print it out
2. Cut out your two friendship bracelets
3. Colour them both in - be as creative as you like!
4. Keep one for yourself, write your message to Theresa May on the other and send the it to us at: Blue Belt, The Wildlife Trusts, The Kiln, Mather Road, Newark, NG24 1WT

Don’t forget to add your own message and your name!

We will connect all your amazing artwork together to create one GIANT friendship bracelet! We will then present this to the Prime Minister - hopefully she will accept this wild challenge and help protect the sea for the future.


FilenameFile size
'Become a friend of the Sea' blue belt bracelet5.08 MB