Become a Friend of North Sea Marine Conservation Zones

The UK’s seas are home to half our wildlife but many undersea habitats have already been lost, fish stocks have declined and species are at risk. In order to protect our seas, the UK Government are designating a network of Marine Conservation Zones around the English coast – areas of seabed where marine wildlife and habitats are protected.

The Government has already designated nine sites in the North Sea but it is vital that more sites are designated to protect the full range of species and habitats found in our seas.

We'll soon be launching a campaign to help as many people as possible show their love for the sea and support these new MCZs. In the meantime, why not become a Friend of North Sea Marine Conservation Zones and be the first to hear when this campaign goes live?

By becoming a friend of your chosen Marine Conservation Zone you will:

  • Receive quarterly updates giving you more information on our campaign and our regional work to help save marine habitats and wildlife in the North Sea
  • Receive updates from your local Wildlife Trust so you can keep up to date with what’s happening in your local area
  • Find out how to respond to the third and final consultation on MCZs in 2017 to show your support for your local Marine Conservation Zone.

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